Terms & Condition

Digitalfx-Assets does not only provide services in business area, but also ensures the privacy and complete security of each of our clients. This policy applies not only to the current customers, but also to past and future clients. Personal Information Any information about your activities collected by our experts is used only for business purposes and is intended to increase the quality of service, timely provide you with information about new services and products of Digitalfx-assets thoroughly assess of your financial capabilities and needs, as well as to process transactions. What kind of information we use Registration information you provided in the application and other documents (first name, middle name, last name, postal address, e-mail, date of birth, occupation, your income and assets.) Information about your transactions with the partners of Digitalfx-Assets Inc, as well as information that we exchanged, such as account balances or our answers to your questions, for whichever account you choose either ( Trading or Cloud Mining activities will be granted only and upon request by Investors. Information about incoming alerts, notifications, news and subscriptions. ID information used to verify your identity (passport or driver’s license, as well as information obtained from credit bureaus, address agencies and other Non-Digitalfx- Assets sources.) This data is necessary to protect you and our reputation, and prevent every money laundering attempt. Cookies Cookies are files that contain information used by the web site to account the traffic (the number of visitors). Digitalfx- Assets can access its site cookies located on your PC to determine which ads and resources are most demanded in terms of attracting potential clients, assessing your interest in various services and tracking your activity on the site. All information is strictly confidential and is not associated with any particular client. Security Technologies Digital Assets uses advanced technology for secured connections (SSL) to protect the information you share with us. The SSL Technology provides reliable data protection from interception by third parties. We are constantly improving our security technologies to prevent intrusions into the system. Transmission of Information to Affiliated Company We can share the confidential information mentioned above with our business partners to improve the service quality and inform customers about new services of the Digitalfx-Assets. The list of partners includes companies that we own or manage. Transmission of Information to Third Parties There is no way third parties can get information about our customers, according to the rules described in the Privacy Policy. Third parties can gain access to information only if they are business partners of Digitalfx-Assets If a company is helping us provide clients with quality service and is not our partner, it can only use the information needed to ensure high quality of service. Information may be disclosed only upon your request or with your consent. Remember, Digitalfx-Assets values clients privacy in the highest discretion and only hand over confidential information, only upon clients request. Transmission of Information to Governing Bodies In exceptional cases, Digital fx-ft ftAssets may disclose customer’s personal information to third parties if such disclosure is required by applicable law or other regulations. For example, we will have to disclose personal information to comply with court orders or official inquiries, as well as in the case of the protection of our rights and property. Refusal to Provide Information You have the right to refuse to provide information requested by our experts. In this event, we cannot give you full support and guarantee quality service for your accounts, since we have to make sure all the information you provide is absolutely accurate and inform you in timely manner of any changes in your account information.